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Why settle for less, when you can live with superior Wi-Fi performance? Stop in or call for more details!

Lorex 1080P Deterrence WiFi Camera

Add a whole new level of defense to your property with this stand-alone Active Deterrence WiFi camera. With customizable dual LED lights and a remote-triggered siren, this camera is made to stop crime before it even starts. HD resolution recording, advanced dual motion detection technology, and a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way talk, also make this WiFi camera a difference-maker. Or if you want to check in on a loved one at home, this camera will help you do just that! Plus take control on the go with the easy to use mobile app! Stop in or call for details!

Camera Set-Up

Many other Lorex Camera systems available with DVR systems. Packages can be built around any budget, stop in for more details!